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Schilli Plastering Co. is the only authorized Pebble Tec applicator in the Midwest area.

The World’s Most Trusted Aggregate Pool Finish

Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen®,Pebble Fina® and Bead Crete® brand pool finishes help create the kind of luxurious, durable pools, spas and water features that provide a lifetime of inspiration and relaxation. Whether you’re building a new pool or starting a pool remodeling project these finishes deliver an elegant, long-lasting beauty combined with resilience and durability. Pebble Technology, Inc. was the first to patent the process for durable, naturally beautiful pebble pool finishes in the United States over two decades ago. Since that time, its unique formulas have been the industry standard for excellence. These pool finishes are only installed by licensed, trained experts and are backed by a company with a solid reputation for customer service. Experience the natural, refined, and old world elegance offered by Pebble Technology, Inc. Superior Quality Pool Finishes.

Pebble Tec®

An exposed aggregate finish, developed in Australia and brought to the United States in 1987 by Pebble Technology, inc.
Through the years of research and development, Pebble Tec® has become the premier pool finish on the market. Life expectancy of this product is 15 to 20 years and comes with a 5 year warranty, with proper start-up, maintenance, and chemical balancing.

Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. There are many advantages to choosing this product:

  • Created with pebbles from around the world, selected for their color and beauty.
  • A natural look for pools, spas, and water features, that will perfectly blend with landscaping.
  • A stain resistant and non-slip surface that continues to set the industry standard for excellence.
  • Dependable, low maintenance, aggregate interior surface.
  • Application of Pebble Tec® is done exclusively by skilled, licensed installers, trained by Pebble Technology, inc.
  • Product is backed by a company renowned for it’s reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Unlimited design choices. Available in 18 attractive colors.
Pebble Tec Colors
Black Canyon	Pebble Tec

Black Canyon

Black Marble	Pebble Tec

Black Marble

Black Pearl	Pebble Tec

Black Pearl

Blue Lagoon	Pebble Tec

Blue Lagoon

Carribean Blue	Pebble Tec

Carribean Blue

Creme De Menthe	Pebble Tec

Creme De Menthe

Emerald Bay	Pebble Tec

Emerald Bay

Jade	Pebble Tec


Midnight Blue	Pebble Tec

Midnight Blue

Moonlight Grey	Pebble Tec

Moonlight Grey

Sandy Beach	Pebble Tec

Sandy Beach

Sky Blue	Pebble Tec

Sky Blue

Soft White	Pebble Tec

Soft White

Tahoe Blue	Pebble Tec

Tahoe Blue

Tropical Breeze	Pebble Tec

Tropical Breeze

White Pearl	Pebble Tec

White Pearl

Pebble Sheen ®

Pebble Sheen® brand pool finish provides that natural beauty and durability of original Pebble Tec® finish, but also provides a smoother texture achieved by using smaller aggregate that is also buffed to create a luxurious pool surface that is not only beautifully elegant but also incredibly strong and stain resistant.

  • Available in 16 distinctively brilliant colors, some incorporated with small seashell pieces to add glitter and sparkle to the finish
  • Provides a smooth surface desired by commercial run swimming pools & spas.
  • Incredibly strong and stain resistant with the look of rich granite.
  • Utilizes the same proven technology and experience as Pebble Tec® pool finishes.
  • Only skilled installers licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc. can apply a Pebble Technology Brand pool finish
Pebble Sheen Colors
Black OnyxPebble Sheen

Black Onyx

Sierra BlackPebble Sheen

Sierra Black

Ocean BluePebble Sheen

Ocean Blue

Turtle BayPebble Sheen

Turtle Bay

Prism BluePebble Sheen

Prism Blue

Slate BluePebble Sheen

Slate Blue

Blue GranitePebble Sheen

Blue Granite

Aqua BluePebble Sheen

Aqua Blue

Blue SurfPebble Sheen

Blue Surf

BordeauxPebble Sheen


Desert GoldPebble Sheen

Desert Gold

Seafoam GreenPebble Sheen

Seafoam Green

Irish MistPebble Sheen

Irish Mist

French GreyPebble Sheen

French Grey

White DiamondsPebble Sheen

White Diamonds

Cool BluePebble Sheen

Cool Blue

Arctic WhitePebble Sheen

Arctic White

Pebble Fina ®

Pebble Fina® is Pebble Technology Inc.’s latest innovation in superior quality pool finishes. It combines the classic look of Venetian plaster and the durability of Pebble Tec for an enduring, timeless elegance.
Pebble Fina® pool finish incorporates the ancient Greek and Roman use of pozzolans into the cement mixture, providing strength and durability.

  • Offered in thirteen exquisite colors.
  • Most colors contain small seashell pieces to further enhance the beauty.
  • A Pebble Fina® pool finish will maintain its smooth texture and inviting appearance much longer than traditional plaster finishes.
  • Now available in the Midwest and St. Louis market
Pebble Fina Colors
Black Galaxy Pebble Fina

Black Galaxy

Sapphire Galaxy Pebble Fina

Sapphire Galaxy

Emerald Galaxy Pebble Fina

Emerald Galaxy

Steel Grey Pebble Fina

Steel Grey

Grigio Pebble Fina


Bella Blue Pebble Fina

Bella Blue

Egyptian Sands Pebble Fina

Egyptian Sands

Fresca Verde Pebble Fina

Fresca Verde

Acquos Pebble Fina


Cielo Blue Pebble Fina

Cielo Blue

Classico Pebble Fina


Pebble Brilliance®

Pebble Tec’s latest product. Pebble Brilliance is a blend of vibrant glass beads and natural stone aggregate. The stunning beauty of the glass beads creates an infusion of color delivering a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color.

  • This distinctive blend offers long-lasting durability with a lavish texture
  • Fortified with proprietary additives providing a uniform composition and vivid color
  • All colors incorporate Shimmering Sea for added elegance
Pebble Briliance Colors






North Sea

North Sea

Aqua Falls Pebble Brilliance

Aqua Falls

Clearwater Pebble Brilliance


Crystal Harbor Pebble Brilliance

Crystal Harbor

Deep Cove Pebble Brilliance

Deep Cove

Glacier Bay Pebble Brilliance

Glacier Bay

Majestic Sound Pebble Brilliance

Majestic Sound

Sparkling Water Pebble Brilliance

Sparkling Water

Vivd Shores Pebble Brilliance

Vivd Shores

Other Pebble Technologies Products

Schilli Plastering can apply and install all of Pebble Technologies other products to beautify your pool, patio and spa, including:

  • Fire + Water – Enjoy outdoor living the Pebble Tec way and transform your pool with a breathtaking focal point, a romantic oasis or a playful family water park with these magnificent water bowls. The sound of water can transform your entire poolscape; lay back and relax to the tranquil waterfall sounds or let the kids play under the flowing stream.
  • Finishing Touches – Exquisite glass tiles, perfectly arranged in patterns. The Premium Series Collection brings sparkling drama to your pool atmosphere and experience.
  • Shimmering Sea – Brilliant splashes of color, blended with small sea shell pieces, bring added sparkle to an already stunning pool finish. See the sunlight sparkle in your pool by day and a glow reflected by your pool light at night. Shimmering Sea sparkling sea shell blend is available in several beautiful colors (standard portion), or you can add Shimmering Sea to any Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen® or Pebble Fina® pool finish color you like. If you wish, increase the amount of sea shells you prefer in your pool’s interior.
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