Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

  • “Dave – I would like to commend you, your company and the workers that were at our home renovating our swimming pool. Everyone was professional, pleasant, and hard working, they left us with something that we can be proud of and enjoy. What a nice job.”

    Debra Given -
  • “Everyone has been super to work with.”

    Fred Verner -
  • “We have never done business with such a wonderful company as yours…wish you & your staff a wonderful year.”

    Harry & Miriam Weintrop -
  • “Thanks for being so thoughtful….anytime you want to send people to look at our pool, you are welcome.”

    Jack & Jerre Minner -
  • “We are well pleased with the excellent rehab that Schilli did for us with the new Pebble Tec finish….everyone of your people from our first contact with the office to each one of your crew were capable, friendly and customer conscious…you are welcome to use my name as a satisfied customer”

    Mr. Joe Forshaw -
  • “Our pool was in desperate need of resurfacing….we were very happy with the way you and your staff addressed our questions and concerns…it was nice to do business with such an outstanding company…the crew members were respectful and just overall very nice guys…thank you for a wonderful experience!”

    Sean & Dawn Anglin -
  • Everything went smoothly, Dave Schilli took care of everything while we were away at our home in Sanibel FL.

    Authur Giessman -
  • THANK YOU! The new finish on the pool looks great. It is my favorite part of the pool redo. Your guys were professional and conscientious. A special thank you to Janice for your help through the process and especailly your patience and upbeat attitude.

    Nadine Boyd -
  • Very professional. Would highly recommend this company

    Jim & Joan Cozis -
  • Dave Schilli has an excellent reputation and deservedly so!!

    Barry Goldenberg -

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How competitive are your prices?

    You’ve heard of the old adage; “you get what you pay for”. Nothing is more true in the pool plastering industry.

    There is nothing in this industry, or any other, that someone can’t do cheaper, and sell for less money. Our prices are going to be very competitive for the quality that we put into every job. For that reason, we can stand behind our warranty, and you should put your confidence in Schilli Plastering to be assured of a quality experience.

  • How long will it take to remodel my pool?

    The length of time depends directly with the extent of work being done. Pools that are just being waterblasted and re-plastered can be completed in 7 days or less depending on weather. If tile or coping are being replaced, you can figure 10-14 days. We do everything possible to minimize downtime.

  • Why is Pebble Tec more expensive than plaster?

    Pebble Tec® uses natural rock which has to be mined and specifically formulated cement, which is more expensive. Installation of Pebble Tec is a process that requires each installer to be trained, certified, and involves ongoing continuous education on the job. In addition, Pebble Tec® has a longer life expectancy and requires less maintenance than a traditional marcite finish.

  • Can I paint my pool?

    Yes, but painting is a short term solution. It will make the pool look better for now. Eventually the surface will have to be waterblasting to remove the paint, prior to re-plastering.

  • How early or late in the year can you work?

    Generally, this will depend on mother nature. In the spring, the frost needs to be out of the ground and temperatures maintaining above freezing. In the fall, as long as the temps stay above freezing at night everything will be okay.

  • Can I close my pool after it’s been refinished?

    We recommend generally that the pool be filled and running for at least 28 days after completion. This will allow you to balance the water, stabilize the ph, and give the finish time to cure.

  • It’s 10:00 and nobody has shown up yet!

    Our crews do numerous jobs in a day’s time. Draining a pool or other procedures may only take a couple of hours, so your pool may be 2nd or 3rd on the list. If we are not going to show up as planned, we will generally call to let you know.

  • Our pool was just waterblasted and prepped. The surface is very uneven & full of holes. Will you fill in these areas to level it out?

    Yes, they will fill in and be level when completed.

  • Which is better Sandblasting or Waterblasting?

    Waterblasting or Hydro Blasting eliminates the inconvenience of the dust contaminating the air we breathe. Not only does sandblasting present a health hazard, but it also coats cars, rooftops, flower beds and landscaping with the contaminated dust.

    With waterblasting there is no airborne dust, there is no abrasive waste to dispose of. Waterblasting is 40,000 PSI of pressure compared to 150 PSI of air pressure with sand, and water pressure moving at 1,500 mph compared to 6.25 mph with sand.

    Waterblasting is by far the cleanest and most effective method to prepare a swimming pool surface for refinishing.

  • Are there phases that will be messy?

    While we try to minimize the impact our crews have on the area surrounding your pool, a remodel pool can be dusty. We recommend pool furniture and potted plants be moved away from the pool area before waterblasting starts. We will cover planted foliage with plastic to protect while the waterblasting and plastering application is occurring. It is also suggested windows be closed during waterblasting operations.

  • When can I fill the pool?

    We will start the filling process upon the completion of our work. Generally, allow 24 to 48 hours to fill.

  • Why choose Schilli Plastering?

    Schilli Plastering Co. is the largest pool plastering contractor in the Midwest. Schilli Plastering is the only certified Pebble Tec/Sheen® pool finish applicator in the Midwest. With 3 full time applicator crews, we are equipped to handle any and all size pools.

What to Expect:

Project timetable:

  • 5 days for plaster only: Drain, Blast, Clean, Plaster, Acid Wash/Fill
  • 10-14 days for full remodel: Drain, Demo, Blast, Clean, Tile/Coping 5-6 days, Plaster, Acid Wash/Fill
  • *Crews are specialized and therefore they may be held up on a previous pool. While we do our best to have a crew at your pool every day, you may experience days when we can not get a crew to your pool.

What we need from the homeowner:

  • Hose long enough to reach the deep end, access to water and electric.
  • Upon completion of the acid wash our crew will begin to fill the pool. The homeowner will need to monitor the fill. When the pool is full, you may turn your pump on and add the Jack’s Magic sequestering agent. (This will help with any streaking or staining that may occur.)
  • Homeowner can now follow the 28 day start up procedure as suggested by the National Plaster Council.

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